An eight-week Teleclass-webinar inspired by the book Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith

Rev. Michael defines Authentic Self as “…our inherently enlightened state, what the Buddhists call our original face and Christians define as soul.” In this 8-week class we will study Spiritual Liberation as a guide for living in joy and harmony with all aspects of our life.

The many mystical teachings are in plain English, and in this fun and informal class, Rev. Katherine offers tools for you to ignite a deeper dimension of your being.

Using right-brained plexercises (play exercises) and your inherent wisdom, you will:
• Set intentions for what you want to create, release, or transform, and then use weekly creative visuals that support your process.
• Drop dependency on the world as your source, coming home to your internal chamber to access everything you need.
• Explore, develop or deepen your spiritual practice, including prayer, play, meditation, pondering, and down time.

This class is solely Rev. Katherine Revoir’s interpretation of the principles from Spiritual Liberation.

*About Teleclass-webinarsTeleclass-webinars are easy on the commute, and you can be cozy at home in your bunny slippers! After you register, you will get a link to get into the webinar and a phone number to call, which will get you into the group phone call on line. It’s easy! The webinar allows us all to be looking at the same documents at the same time. You may choose to only connect by phone if you don’t have a computer set up. We will not be using the video part of the webinar. The call center is in Illinois, so without unlimited calling you may incur long distance charges. If you need to miss a class or be late, each class will be recorded.