An Eight-week Class

A Book Study of Your Deepest Intent: Letters From the Infinite, Vol. Two, By Rev. Deborah Johnson

Are you longing for clear direction to keep your spirituality fully integrated into your daily life? Do you want spiritual growth in a supportive environment? Your deepest intent is the consciousness through which you create your world. As Rev. Deborah says, “It’s our most important creative force.”

This class acts as a road map for helping us to live our lives in Oneness. During the 8-week class you will:
• Let your deepest intent guide you past contrast and comparison – straight to Oneness
• Learn to BE the inner peace and joy that is your birthright
• Gain tools for delighting in the Divine process, seeing everything as answered prayer.

Through Rev. Katherine’s fun and creative cartoons, the rich and spiritually powerful material in the book is broken down into bite size pieces. Expect your connection with Spirit to be strengthened.