A Four-week Class

Are you looking at the economy and wondering how you will hold onto your spiritual hat? Do you feel fear of your financial future creeping around as you watch the news?

In this class we will play with the old Sufi phrase, “Trust in Allah AND tie up your camel.” We will apply timeless and unchanging spiritual principles that guide us as we grow the seeds of our intentions and activate the Law of Attraction. Non-metaphysicians look to the physical world for physical solutions. Metaphysicians look within to their consciousness for solutions. We will also tie up our camels using tools that are the practical part of supporting our spiritual deepening and being good stewards of our money. Our informal and supportive group interaction adds the elements of fun and community.

Some areas we’ll cover:
• We’re not our stuff, so let’s not define ourselves by what we have
• Looking at where we are financially, where we want to be, and taking physical and metaphysical action steps to get there
• Identifying, prioritizing, and solidifying our spiritual investments
• Simple tools for creating a budget, and ideas on easy ways to cut expenses and spending
• Steeping ourselves in Spirit as our true Source

“An older woman lived by a river in the mountains. A beggar came, asking for food, and she invited him into her small cabin. Inside a bag that contained bread was a large and precious gem that she had found in the river. He admired the gem and she gave it to him. The next day he brought it back, saying, ‘I want something more precious than this gem. I want to have what you have inside you that allowed you to give the gem to me.'” ~ Author unknown