An 8-Week Teleclass-webinar

Prosperity is an inside job. In this class we will set intentions and use creative visuals and right-brained plexercises (play exercises) to simplify principles of abundance, have fun, pray, and learn to experience our work as a calling.

In this fun and informal class you will:
• Develop a consciousness of God as the ONLY Source and Substance of everything, from parking places to life purpose
• Take your faith to a deeper level and build your life on a foundation of Spirit as you demonstrate how the metaphysical becomes physical.
• Use abundance principles to actualize your intentions and develop or expand your prosperity consciousness. As Eric Butterworth says, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as WE are.”

We will be reading the book, Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. This is my favorite book on the specifics of how to build a consciousness of BEING the abundance we already are, and then acting accordingly. We also use the small but powerful book, The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. It is a forty-day prosperity program that is deep and transformative. Join us as we move from the concept of making a living to making a life.

Note: I am available to teach this class to student teachers and experienced teachers who want to sharpen their facilitating skills.

*About Teleclass-webinarsTeleclass-webinars are easy on the commute, and you can be cozy at home in your bunny slippers! After you register, you will get a link to get into the webinar and a phone number to call, which will get you into the group phone call on line. It’s easy! The webinar allows us all to be looking at the same documents at the same time. You may choose to only connect by phone if you don’t have a computer set up. We will not be using the video part of the webinar. The call center is in Illinois, so without unlimited calling you may incur long distance charges. If you need to miss a class or be late, each class will be recorded.