A Four-week Class

Do you ever have a hard time seeing the face of Spirit in other people or yourself? Do you sometimes venture into the land of self-righteousness, lingering with the sense of superiority that dwells there? Want to explore and transform this behavior and have a good laugh while doing it?

In this 4-week informal and interactive playgroup, we will come together with like-minded people in an atmosphere of safety, fun, creativity, and love. We’ll set clear intentions, explore our relationship with our judgment, learn from each other’s insights, and take ourselves lightly, using games, humor, and improv.

All mystical paths include a common element: letting go of whatever behavioral choices we make that block us from being a channel for divine love, healing, and prosperity. We often wonder why we are missing the boat (abundance, love, career, etc.), yet are unaware of how our judgmental attitudes pinch us off from the goodness of Life. We can’t align with our inherent good when we resent, blame, or need others to change their behavior in order to gain our acceptance or approval. Judging reveals the “Iceberg Effect:” our judgmental behavior toward others is the tip of the iceberg (the top 15%), and the rest that is unseen (the 85% below the surface) represents how much we judge ourselves.

Judging includes:
• Resenting, blaming others or ourselves for behavior we believe is unacceptable
• Resistance to forgiving ourselves and others
• The need to feel “better than” or “less than” others – getting an illusory feeling of satisfaction from being “right” (or “wrong”)
• People pleasing, thinking we know what’s best for others, enabling, rescuing, and other codependent behaviors
• Victim consciousness and self-pity

“In this class I learned to stop writing operas about what I thought other people should be doing. This freed me up to express more of my authentic self, and all this was done in an atmosphere of love and support… and, it was fun!” ~ Gail Garvey