What are Family Constellations?
Each of us is born into a family system that spans many generations, and within each family system is an unspoken and often unconscious rulebook for belonging. Attachment research shows that parents pass on their brain use patterns to their children. As early as 4 months of age, babies alter their emotional experience in order to try to balance their parents’ brains, laying groundwork for unconscious behaviors. Our conscious awareness may not remember, but our nervous system, which is part of our brain, never forgets. Living from this unconscious rulebook can cause us to trip over our intentions of creating prosperous and meaningful work in the world, successful relationships, vibrant health, balance, and joy.

Family Constellation work is a gentle yet transformative process that unravels unconscious loyalties and stuck patterns of behavior. It bypasses the usual cognition to touch deep currents while gently holding the heartbeat of the family system. We name and contextualize that which has been invisible, yet so in charge. As the unconscious effect of being in our family system becomes conscious, the knots of previously unspoken entanglements are loosened. Rather than based on intellectual understanding, this healing is embodied, integrating the big picture of our family system. The emotional and physical pain that may have been carried for generations can release, allowing us to break unwanted patterns and lay them to rest so that our brain is free to make different choices.

Through this work, our nervous system can begin to regain its ability to self-regulate. We have agency to walk in the world with a greater capacity for internal balance, ease, emotional safety, self-love, and warm connection with others.

What is the Family Constellation process like?
A constellation lasts somewhere between 1½ to 3 hours, and shorter ones can be arranged. Bring an issue or pattern of behavior that you would like to experience differently, e.g., personal relationship, career, finances, health, or anything you would like to explore.

I facilitate your individual constellation online via Zoom (like Skype but easier) or in person in Mill Valley, CA. Group constellations mostly take place in person, and you would supply at least 5 adults (friends and family) to participate in your constellation. I also lead public constellations in Mill Valley.

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About the facilitator
I have 30 years experience drawn from many healing modalities and teachings. Into my work I weave interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, depth empathy work, and Non-violent Communication. I have studied with Sarah Peyton since 2013, and have integrated practices from the Russian master teacher Elena Viselago, director of the Center for Contemporary Constellation Work in Moscow.

I offer constellation work because I see it as the most powerful tool I have ever experienced for harvesting the wisdom within our own bodies. I also do it because I’m passionate about contributing to the well being of others and myself. This work is gentle, effective, and creates lasting change.

Call me at 415 381-9161 or email me at KatherineQ@sbcglobal.net for scheduling and rates.