Make Your Brain a Happy Place To Live…
Neuroplasticity: What’s in it for me?

Facilitated by Katherine Revoir

A 6-week online support group, using various books as a reference, depending on the focus.

There are many ways to make our brain a happy place to live. Using social neuroscience, Nonviolent Communication, and Family Constellations is the most useful combination that I’ve found in the past 50 years.

Our group has a different focus every 6 weeks, and the upcoming group starting will focus on Nonviolent Communication, a language for finding common ground with anyone, anywhere, both personally and professionally.

This informal group is loosely structured, designed to support us all in developing our own resonant self-witness—an internalized, loving second self that’s like a perfect parent.

Bring your questions, issues, and feelings. Bring your shadow. Bring yourself, just as you are. It’s my intention that we will all be held in warm community.

This is less of a class and more of a practical, informal support group for our personal embodiment of the life enhancing material in Sarah Peyton’s book, Your Resonant Self and other materials. Our brains are wired to connect with other brains, so we’ll learn together in warm community.

As participants in this group, we will:

  • enjoy a more flexible and calmer nervous system
  • develop the ability to manage reactive emotional triggers
  • study neuroscience and make sense of the effects that our family history has on how we live and interact with others
  • practice the language of Nonviolent Communication, (including depth empathy) to speak to ourselves and others with kindness and warmth
  • enjoy companioning with others who share our longing for a regulated, happy brain

All of this serves the intention of connecting authentically with others and ourselves.

For the past 7 years I have studied social neuroscience with Sarah Peyton. Thanks to her teaching, I am becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. As I strengthen my sense of self, I am allowing myself to love and be loved by other imperfect humans without needing to change or fix them.