If-we-have-no-peace-quote-webWhat is Sacred Conversation?
In Sacred Conversation we connect to our own experience as humans with awareness and kindness, and then open our awareness and kindness to the experience of others. It is a circle of holding each other and ourselves with deep listening and reverence, honoring the precious and sacred beauty of our human nature.

Why does this matter? Many of us go through life so quickly that we often miss the best parts of being human — the natural care and tenderness that all of us are capable of sharing and receiving. Our group focuses on real conversations about the depth of being human as we listen and connect with one another. This translates into all other areas of our lives.

Join a Sacred Conversation Group to:
• Allow your authentic voice freedom to grow, surrounded by other caring human beings holding you with kindness and understanding
• Feel warmly accepted, supported, and understood
• Experience deeper self-compassion and self-acceptance
• Connect in community with others who also want a safe space to speak truthfully and be received empathically

Why is this important and valuable?
Reaching out for support and community often brings us unsolicited advice, judgments, or evaluations. Or, the other person tells us of their own personal experience, or says, “Things could be worse, at least you have______.” These attempts to help us feel better often leave us feeling more alone. The purpose of Sacred Conversation is to companion each other, meeting others and ourselves with empathy and warmth, exactly where we are in this moment.

What happens in a Sacred Conversation Group?
“There is a significant shift happening in my life as a result of our Sacred Conversations group. I am deeply grateful for the higher level of awareness I experience every day as I engage in conversation with others. I love how it has opened each of us, week by week, to greater intimacy — most profoundly with ourselves. We come together without an agenda or pre-determined format, with the intention of being present and awake to what is alive in the moment, and this, in itself, is a joyful, exhilarating experience.” — Lori Greer

• Using basic tools of Nonviolent Communication, we practice a language for speaking authentically
• We listen with the intention of understanding and resonating rather than listening with the need to direct
• We offer and receive empathy, a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing, without trying to fix them and without turning away.

Why is empathy important?
Current brain science tells us that receiving warmth and empathy helps us to heal trauma, become more flexible, shift triggered reactions, deepen our sense of self, and more easily feel empathy for others. Being heard and understood often results in a felt sense of being accompanied – we are not alone with our feelings, issues, and challenges. Others have met us where we are and are standing with us. Receiving empathy acts to re-wire our neural pathways, allowing us to regulate our emotions so that we do not get thrown off in times of stress or overwhelm.

Here is a link to an animation of part of Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on Vulnerability where she talks about the difference between empathy and sympathy (scroll down a bit to the arrow).

At Center for Richer Living, we offer:
In-person groups in Mill Valley – 8-week sessions that begin approximately every 9 weeks. You are welcome to join at the beginning of our next 8-week session. The group is facilitated by Katherine Revoir and Timothy Regan.

Online video conference groups – they can be a Sacred Conversation group, or have a theme, such as speaking authentically in relationships or at work.

We are available to work with individuals, groups, and organizations who want to encourage honest dialogue in an environment where everybody’s needs are respected. Let’s bring our humanity to the workplace!

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For questions or more information:
Call Katherine at 415 381-9161 or email KatherineQ@Richerliving.org