About Katherine

I am the Creative Director of Center for Richer Living in Mill Valley, CA. As a Family Constellation facilitator, I offer a gentle, yet transformative process for clients who want to bring a new perspective to challenging issues or emotional trauma. I fold this into Interpersonal neurobiology, an integrated field that combines the cognitive and social aspects of neuroscience. Also, I lead online and in-person Happy Brain groups where we practice resonant language that allows us to hold others and ourselves with warmth and kindness.

As an ordained minister in Centers for Spiritual Living, I license curricula for classes and workshops on spiritual development, and officiate weddings and memorial services. As an artist for twenty-five years, I worked as a portrait painter, photographer, illustrator, visionary painter, performer, manufacturer, and published author. I owned two art-related corporations, and have licensed artwork and designs to over twenty manufacturers. I have facilitated expressive painting workshops at San Quentin Prison, and currently participate in constellation work at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Portland, Oregon.

For fun and spiritual connection, I enjoy being in big nature. I’m the proud mother of a daughter and a son, both highly inspiring artists who, along with my two grandchildren, are by far my most important teachers.

Katherine Revoir and family
I love my family!
Rev. Katherine Revoir