An eight-week class inspired by the book Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith

I see the main premise of Spiritual Liberation as a clear path to letting go of duality (ego) in service to our authentic self (our true nature). I wrote a lot of original material for Coming Home to Your Authentic Self in the form of handouts and activities that were inspired by Michael Beckwith's book. Students set clear intentions for the class, and the materials and spiritual practices serve as a springboard for the intentions.

The curriculum contains:

  • Detailed agendas that include meditations, readings, teaching notes, and a few games.
  • Handouts that are presented in my unique, "keep-it-light-and-still-go-deep" cartoon style.
  • A homestudy sheet
  • Promotional material for flyers, bulletins, etc.
  • A daily spiritual practice that supports the actualizing of intentions. It combines affirmation, spiritual principles, visioning, self-acknowledgment, and your creativity.

This class curriculum is offered to you free of charge. Click here to download the curriculum.

The zipped file contains:

  • 1 READ ME FIRST pdf file and 3 folders:
    • CH Agendas
    • CH Handouts
    • CH Promotion/ Intro night