This is an 8–week class that focuses on embodying the consciousness of abundance. The textbook is Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. This is the best book I’ve seen that uses plain language to spell out the principles of living a prosperous life. I have been playing with and revising this curriculum for the past eight years and it should provide abundantly for your center as the students embody the metaphysical principles of prosperity (see below for details).

Here are some elements of the class:

  • Something that makes my classes a little different is my use of humor and levity. I have found that people learn better when the energy is light and they feel safe to express themselves. Using handouts that have cartoons drawn on them sends a message that this is fun. The subject of money is serious enough.
  • Before the first class I ask students to set short, clear, personal intentions about money, metaphysics, or the meaning of life. We make weekly references to these intentions as they relate to the class materials and the book.
  • The material is presented in ways that touch on different learning styles. Each week there’s an experiential: a game, a meditation, guided visualization, some non-dominant hand writing, stream of consciousness writing, etc. In each class I try to cover auditory (listening through a reading or presentation of material), kinesthetic/tactile (moving around the room, stretching, doing or making something), and visual styles. The class includes weekly creative visuals (cartoons and other handouts) that support the class material.
  • I always encourage individual expressions of creativity. I’ve found that people learn more deeply in a creative environment. Creativity + safety + self-honesty = a fertile environment to unleash our authentic nature.
  • The textbooks are Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth, and The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. Students have a daily spiritual practice inspired by The Abundance Book that combines the student’s creativity with meditation, affirmation, and embodying spiritual principle.
  • This class is designed for all levels of learning, and there are no pre-requisites.
  • The curriculum includes promotional material for flyers, welcome emails, detailed weekly agendas, teaching notes, handouts for the student binders, homestudy sheets, and class notes (including visualizations, quotes, games, weekly readings).

For most of my classes (and especially this one), I charge students in this manner:
The registration fee is $60 (for an 8-week class) plus an agreement to tithe (share) 10% of UNexpected income with our center (your center). Unexpected income can be someone taking us out to dinner, or giving us something, or doing anything that causes us to see the good and then tithe on that incoming good. We all decorate a tithe (or circulation) box. Each week students put their tithe money in the box with their stories of unexpected income or good. This helps students develop a consciousness of giving, builds community, and it’s fun to watch people explore and develop a spiritual practice of circulating. Often people put money in just because it feels good. I have found that with the registration and the unexpected income circulation, more money comes to our center than if I had charged a flat fee.

If you would like to see a sample week of the class (agenda, teaching material, and handouts), please contact me at and I will email it to you.

If you want to teach the course, please contact me at to make payment arrangements. Then you will be sent a password to download the curriculum.

Click here to download the password-protected curriculum. Once you enter the password, you will be directed to a page with a download link.