Fun and Deep: How to Write and Teach Inspiring Workshops and Classes

A Five-week Teleclass-webinar* for Those Who Love to Teach

This fun and informal class is appropriate for teachers at all levels, whether you are an experienced teacher or you have a desire to teach.

If there’s something you’ve wanted to teach, or you’d like to teach but you’re not sure what to teach, and you’re willing to gain experience by just jumping in and writing the curriculum, this class is for you!

The class is also very helpful if you have multiple passions that would be fun to combine for a workshop or class. For example, if you love yoga, spiritual principles, and writing, why not weave the three together? Catchy title: Stretch Your Way to Creative Writing Using Spiritual Principles.

The class will serve 3 purposes:

  1. It’s an opportunity to learn how to develop or sharpen your skills for promoting and teaching workshops (I call them playshops) and classes. See below for teaching topics.
  2. As part of the class, you will participate in and have access to my “example” playshop, Using Creativity, Games and Right-Brained Activities to Teach Spiritual Principles. The agenda will offer you a template for designing your class.
  3. You will receive my booklet, Ten Principles for Inspired Teaching. Regardless of what you teach, this booklet provides general tools for creating a transformative and fun learning environment.

Some teaching topics we'll cover are:

  • Using your internal guidance to get ideas for topics and write the material. Hint: We teach best what we need to learn.
  • Creating an environment that is safe for students to share honestly and deeply
  • The importance of setting and tracking intentions
  • Logistics, such as promotion, setting up the space, and prioritizing your agenda, class time, and activities.
  • Reading and managing the energy of the room
  • Presenting creative materials and experientials that target different learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic/tactile, and visual.
  • Encouraging students to learn from each other
  • Handling resistance and discomfort in the room
  • What to do when you don't know what to do (or say)

*About Teleclass-webinarsTeleclass-webinars are easy on the commute, and you can be cozy at home in your bunny slippers! After you register, you will get a link to get into the webinar and a phone number to call, which will get you into the group phone call on line. It’s easy! The webinar allows us all to be looking at the same documents at the same time. You may choose to only connect by phone if you don’t have a computer set up. We will not be using the video part of the webinar. The call center is in Illinois, so without unlimited calling you may incur long distance charges. If you need to miss a class or be late, each class will be recorded.