What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellation work is a gentle yet transformative process that unravels unconscious loyalties and stuck patterns of behavior. It bypasses the usual cognition to touch deep currents, while gently holding the heartbeat of the family lineage. We name and contextualize that which has been invisible, yet so in charge of these stuck patterns.

Each of us is born into a family system (or lineage) that spans many generations, and within each family system is an unspoken and often unconscious rulebook for what is acceptable in order to belong in that family.

Constellations reveal the unconscious contracts that our bodies make with our family systems and the world. We make these contracts so that we can be accepted and/or survive in our community. As we explore and release the constriction that results from these contracts, we experience a lightening and a broader horizon of possibility.

As the unconscious effects of being in our family system become conscious, the knots of previously unspoken entanglements are loosened. Rather than based on intellectual understanding, this healing is embodied, integrating the big picture of our family system. The emotional and physical pain that may have been carried for generations can release, allowing us to break free from unwanted patterns and lay them to rest. This “sense making” of our family history brings understanding to our brain (our brains love to be understood) and opportunities to make different choices.

Attachment research shows that parents pass on their brain use patterns to their children. As early as 4 months of age, a baby can read the emotional expression of his or her mom (or mothering person). Because we humans are wired to connect and be accepted, a baby will shut down their own authentic emotional expression in order to belong, and to try to balance their parents’ brains. This lays the groundwork for unconscious behaviors. In my family, anger was not an acceptable expression, and I grew up wondering why I couldn’t tolerate my own or other people’s anger. I spent most of my life crying instead of expressing anger because I had shut down my own anger circuit.

Our conscious awareness may not remember, but our nervous system, which is part of our brain, never forgets. Living from this unconscious rulebook can cause us to trip over our genuine intentions of creating prosperous and meaningful work in the world, successful relationships, vibrant health, creative expression, balance, and joy.

Through constellation work we look into what lives in our unconscious and gently move it to our conscious awareness. This helps our nervous system to regain its ability to self-regulate. We gain agency to walk in the world with a greater capacity for internal balance, ease, emotional safety, self-love, and warm connection with others.

What happens in a Family Constellation?

In a constellation we place people or objects to represent ourselves, issues, family members and other elements that are relevant to whatever healing or resolution is desired. By watching how these representatives interact with each other, and feeling into our body experience, we gain insight into the family dynamics and patterns that have shaped our relationships.

With this making sense and understanding that happens during a constellation, we often settle into a solution or a new clarity is revealed around our issue, freeing ourselves from a cycle of repeating unhealthy or undesired patterns of behavior.

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About Katherine

Every constellation facilitator brings their unique skills and artistry. I have 30 years experience drawn from many healing modalities and teachings. Into my work I weave interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, depth empathy work, and Non-violent Communication. I have studied primarily with Sarah Peyton since 2013, and have studied with and integrated practices from Stephan Hausner, author of Even If It Costs Me My Life, and the Russian master teacher Elena Veselago, director of the Center for Contemporary Constellation Work in Moscow.

I offer constellation work because I see it as the fastest and most powerful tool I have ever experienced for harvesting the wisdom within our own bodies. I also do it because I’m passionate about contributing to the well being of others and myself. This work is gentle, effective, and creates a foundation for lasting change. Our neurons of relationality are our most neuroplastic, and we never lose the ability to create or repair connections with others and ourselves.

Email me for scheduling and rates.

How can I have a Constellation and where does it take place?

Online Group: Your Life Makes Sense

I’m excited to be offering this group, as Family Constellations are the most powerful tool I know of for resolving stuck patterns of behavior and harvesting the inherent wisdom in our bodies. The first 6 people who register and pay are guaranteed to receive a constellation (see details below). You are also welcome to register as a representative for $41.95 (includes PayPal fee). Each week I facilitate one constellation, and others in the group support the constellation as representatives.  I use the whiteboard on Zoom to draw the constellation.

Prerequisite: No previous constellation experience necessary

Where: We'll meet via Zoom

When: 6 weeks, Mondays, September 11th – October 16th

Time: 6:30 – 8:15 pm Pacific Time

Cost: $155.93 if you want to receive a constellation. This includes the PayPal fee. If you pay from outside the U.S., add $5 to the total. Or, if you're within the U.S., you can send a check. To be a representative, the cost is $41.95 (includes PayPal fee) to represent. Contact us if you need a reduced rate. Pay with the secure PayPal button below. Please check with Christina before paying, as we may already have the quota for those who want to receive a constellation.  You can join as a representative, even if the group has started.

Please Note: Family constellation work is an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. It offers ways to see the world and yourself with new levels of compassion. This work is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. If you have a sense that you would be destabilized by others speaking about difficult events, it would be better not to join us for this program. 

Register: VERY IMPORTANT : If you want to join as a seeker, FIRST CHECK to see if there's an available spot before paying. PLEASE email Christina – give her your name, phone number, and let her know that you are joining Your Life Makes Sense, and if you are joining as a seeker or representative.

Pay securely via the PayPal button below (or you can send a check) and please let Christina know you've paid.

FREE Online Sunday Group Constellations

I lead a FREE day of constellations every 4 weeks, currently online. Click here for more information. If you’re interested, send me an email at KatherineQ@RicherLiving.org to get on my email list. The upcoming constellation days are:

  • August 27th, 2023
  • October 1st, 2023
  • December 3rd, 2023
  • January 14th, 2024

Individual Constellations — in person or ONLINE

I can facilitate your individual constellation in person in Mill Valley, CA, or online via Zoom. I use the whiteboard to draw representatives of different elements in your constellation, e.g., goals, blocks, family members, emotions, countries, and states of mind (see above). The only person in your family needed to be present to do this work is yourself.

Email me for scheduling and rates.

Other Group Constellations

These can take place in a few ways:

  • In person, where you would supply at least 5 friends and/or family members to participate in your constellation as representatives. Sometimes I can bring one or two representatives. Currently all constellations are online.
  • Via Zoom, where you bring together at least 5 friends/family to participate as representatives for you. We can try to schedule your constellation during a time zone that works for everyone. Sometimes I can bring one or two representatives.
  • I’m available to travel to facilitate for you or multiple constellations for your group. If it’s a weekend, I often combine some teaching of relational neuroscience with the constellation facilitation.

Email me for scheduling and rates.

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Constellation Supervision Group

Field Practice: Stepping Into Constellation Facilitation
with Warm Accompaniment

This is a 6-week supervision group for those who have studied constellation facilitation and would like a chance to practice in an environment of warm accompaniment.

I’m not offering facilitation training — it’s more of a soft backstop for you to practice what you have already learned. My intention is to create a circle that is welcoming and compassionate, with tender 100% advocacy, so that you have a chance to stretch and receive support within a container that is emotionally safe.The group is also open non-facilitators who are interested in constellations and enjoy representing and learning.

There are two ways to participate:

  1. As a facilitator… The first 6 people who sign up as a facilitator will have the option to either use your session to practice facilitating with whatever level of support you would enjoy from me, or receive a constellation by me in order to look at possible blocks to moving forward on your facilitation path. You are also in the pool to receive a constellation. Cost: $200 + PayPal fee
  2. As a witness and/or representative… In this option your learning is being supported through watching and being a representative. Cost: $75 + PayPal fee

Here’s a general outline for each session:

  • In the beginning, I will offer a short 5-minute facilitation tip.
  • A lottery will choose one person, who can either facilitate a constellation or receive a constellation by me. If they are facilitating, another lottery will choose the seeker from one of the other 5 facilitators.
  • After the constellation ends, there will be space for questions if there is time.
  • Along with the learning that happens through supporting others as they practice, you will also have the opportunity to build warm community with peers who are also stepping into facilitation.

I have great gratitude for my constellation teachers: Sarah Peyton, Elena Veselago, Stephan Hausner,
and every other person, place, or thing that has shepherded me along to this present moment.

Details for the ONLINE group:

Prerequisite: Please have had some facilitation training

Where: We'll meet via Zoom

NOTE: We are currently not offering a Field Practice group.

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