Here are a few samples of creative visuals taken from the classes. Creativity makes learning more fun, keeps students engaged, and helps them remember and embody the concepts that are being taught. Click on the title to see a PDF file.

The Kingdoms of Consciousness from “Are We THERE Yet? Using Universal Principles on the Road Trip of Life”

Victim Triangle from “What About Me? Learning to Love Ourselves First”

The Ego Trickster Rug from “Coming Home to Your Authentic Self”

The Creative Process from “Fun and Deep: How to Teach Inspiring Classes”

Manifestation Mountain from “Looking Up in a Down Economy”

Keeping Worry Out of the Big Picture of Life from “Money, Metaphysics, and the Meaning of Life”

Five Steps of Affirmative Prayer from “Are We THERE Yet?”

Giving From the Heart vs. Codependent Giving from “What About Me? Learning to Love Ourselves First”