What Students Say About Rev. Katherine’s Classes

“The class, What About Me? Learning to Love Ourselves First, was profoundly useful to me, as I had many insights and opportunities to change and grow. The curriculum was outstanding, particularly 'The Victim Triangle.' Rev. Katherine contributed an enormous amount of background and research to each class. Because of her deep sensitivity to each student, she saw levels beneath what the student was actually saying and was able to identify the codependent patterns being expressed. Even though we were a teleclass, she had us sit in a specific location in an imaginary circle, so she could call on each of us in order – brilliant!  She is an excellent facilitator.” ~ Dr. Rainbow Johnson

"Rev. Katherine's TELEclass for teachers was excellent and the discussion and demonstration of 'teaching moments' superb. Rev. Katherine is a fine teacher and skillful at breaking down challenging situations, which helped us see everything in front of us as our spiritual practice. I highly recommend her courses both for the spiritual deepening from the content and the opportunity to improve your teaching skills." ~ Rev. Tim Schubert