Testimonials for Family Constellations

“Katherine creates a warm and inviting space for family constellations. Her strong intuitive sense and background as an artist create a unique and powerful online forum. No matter what role—client, representative, or witness—I experience healing of deep patterns of inter-generational wounding. Through this work I feel more fully alive—in myself, in relationships with others, and with God. This is the work of the soul. Katherine is a trustworthy guide.” ~ Amy Russell

“I have done two personal constellations with Katherine. In both cases, large pieces of deeply embedded negative patterning shifted and healed, with long term results. Katherine uses her skill and intuition to create a healing atmosphere that is mystical while producing practical results. I cannot recommend this work strongly enough.” ~ Sierra F

“In constellation work I can see clearly what my unconscious mind has been storing up all these years. Katherine’s warm support helped me feel safe enough to do the healing I’ve longed for my whole life. Now I’m making sense of my personal history, resulting in a true “coming home” to a more unified experience of myself, and a greater ability to find my center. Katherine has helped me heal and change my life, and it doesn’t get any better than that!” ~ Richard K

“I have experienced many modalities of healing, and because the force of my internal blockage was so great, I expected my constellation with Katherine to be a painful experience. However, I was surprised that I was refreshingly engaged and excited by the process of the constellation. I especially resonated with the one-on-one format where inanimate objects took on life and were energetically and emotionally charged. Since the constellation I have felt more settled, calm, and at ease. The goodness of my being, who I truly am, has been affirmed through increased self-love, self-care, and a profound cherishing of my younger self. I tore up unspoken contracts with my parents that I would be everything to them in order to get the love I so longed for. This has had a profound and refreshing effect on all my relationships, as I no longer carry a contract to take care of others. This was immediately embodied, so now I don’t even need to think about it.” ~ Ellen J

“I'm very grateful to you for guiding me through some tough issues. It feels like invisible knots within my psyche continue to untie through the constellation work I’ve done with you. It has really helped me to contextualize and make sense of behaviors that previously seemed mysterious. This work has really helped me upgrade my relationship with myself.” ~ Eileen H