“For me, Katherine Revoir’s Sacred Conversation group has been a balance of learning about how my brain works, how my life came to be what it is, and practices that help me apply what I’m learning. It’s a warm, welcoming environment in which, even an introvert like me can feel safe to deeply connect with others who are committed to having a more authentic, balanced life. We speak honestly about what matters to us and we listen to each other with the purpose of understanding, rather than advise or fix. I look forward to it every week.” ~ Sam W.
“Through participation in Sacred Conversation, I have changed my nervous system in such a way that I can now balance my brain in the presence of emotionally reactive triggers. The triggers harken back to how I was not emotionally safe growing up in my family – no one in my family could see my unmet needs. I’m learning to find that safety within myself now, thereby creating more spaciousness for others and myself. Now I don’t need to make others wrong for not meeting my needs.” ~ Rick R.
“For me, Sacred Conversation is a collective safe space of deep connection and empathy. Katherine offers the opportunity for each member of the group to have an experience of meaningful self-reflection, authentic connectivity and genuine understanding. I am grateful for the new awareness I have developed about my feelings and needs through attending Sacred Conversation, and I look forward to continued learning through these group sessions.” ~ Alex
“Sacred Conversation has taught me a lot about non-violent communication, and the knowledge that I have acquired in this group has benefited me greatly in my personal and professional relationships. When we meet each Thursday evening I feel a true sense of community, care and shared reality. Sacred Conversation continuously provides me with meaningful insight about how I, and all humans, process and connect.” ~ Suki